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MicahMonkey Show Reel


Micah Chambers-Goldberg

Director | Designer | Animator

Running Time: 1:34 min

GDSN: Tipping Point, Cristiano Ronaldo/Sharability: Roc Headphones Brand Identity, Forefront: Brand Identity, Fly Or Die: Rockmafia, Nice Studios: AAA and TrueCar, Shady Records/Interscope: Shady XV, Rockmafia: VJ Loops, GDSN: Waiting On Paradise, Coca Cola: Gaming Is Good, Bill Ratner: Combine, Rockmafia: The Kids Are OK Ft. YLA and Ya Boy, Eric Clapton: White Christmas, Astral Artists: Who Stole The Mona Lisa?, Wicked Weed: Dr. Dank, Mako: Coyote, Nice Studios: The Illusionists 2.0, AIB Sports Brands: Funny Nicknames, Tribe Society: Kings, Connell Cruise: Into The Wild, AIB Sports Brands: Did You Know?, CSUN: Hansel and Gretel, MicahMonkey: Brand IdentitySong: Overdrive by Anton Vlasov

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